Good Food Nation - Organic eggs and milk from the most animal welfare-friendly brand... ever

Hen Nation

Good Food Nation

The Next Big Food Revolution

Liz Jones and Isobel Davies are spearheading the next 'big food revolution' with the launch in of their new super-brand Good Food Nation. The most animal welfare friendly brand... ever! It is the brand that animal lovers have been crying out for for decades. Sub-brand Cow Nation will sell milk from cows which will all live out their full natural lives along with all their calves both male and female. 

Sub-brand Hen Nation will sell eggs from hens which will live out their whole natural lives and will be cared for when their egg-laying days are over.

Good Food Nation is about everything that factory farming isn't. Good Food Nation puts the welfare of the animal at its core.

Increasingly, dairy cows are being kept in indoor systems, incarcerated for 12 months a year, to drive down costs and maximise yields. The cows never seeing a grass field or breathing fresh air. Their heavy burden of productivity sees them worn out and culled at on average 5 years old when their normal life expectancy should be 18 or 19 years. Their calves, if female, may go into the dairy herd. If male, by-products of the dairy industry, they are either shot at birth or raised for veal. Live calf exports of un-weaned calves have resumed to the Continent with 2000 having been sent there this year so far (The Times, September 2011). According to Farmers Weekly (April 2011), 2,000 Holstein male dairy calves are shot each week.

Most hens fare no better and despite a life expectancy of 5 years or more, they are put in crates, loaded onto pallets and are gassed or killed by other means at 68-72 weeks, the industry standard - irrespective of the system in which they are raised - battery, free-range or organic.