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British Eggs for Animal Lovers

Hen Nation has a model of production which enables each hen to live out its full natural life. 

They live happy, traditional, free-range lives - free to graze grass and forage in traditional hay meadows in their North Yorkshire home.

Read more about our hens and the lovely people that care for them.

In a normal system, whether battery or indeed free-range, hens are generally gassed or killed by other means at 72 weeks, though this has just been reduced to 68 weeks for many.

Hen Nation eggs are truly free-range and are sold in half-dozen boxes. They are 'as they come' - a mixture of mainly medium and large with the occasional 'little one'. Quiches and lemon curd will follow shortly.

One box of eggs a week saves the life of one hen.

Available from Selfridges, Oxford Street and nationwide through Farmaround.