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29th December, 2011

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Video: Compassion in World Farming

We received this video from Frank at Channel 33. Frank says:

"We're Channel 33, and we've shot a thought-provoking video for Compassion in World Farming, supporting the EU-wide ban on battery cages. These cages are due to be outlawed across Europe on the 1st January 2012, but a number of producers in EU countries are not ready.

"Additionally, Defra has confirmed there will be no ban on the import in the UK of products containing illegally (and cruelly) produced eggs.

"Help put an end to inhumane eggs and support British farmers by campaigning for the rest of the EU to match their standard!

"As an ethical brand, please help us spread the word to support the ban by putting this video up on your facebook, twitter, or website, or by e-mailing it to your supporters, and help keep battery eggs off our plates!"

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